If you have still been holding onto this idea of totally dominating someone else’s will, forget it. It won’t happen. If you want to become someone who takes over the world with your hypnotic skills, I advise you to forget it. If that were possible I’d be sitting right now on my own private island, in the middle of the Bahamas, having EVERYTHING I could possible imagine. And whilst I’m well off, I’m not THAT well off. So, as you go into the http://www.iconversationalhypnosis.com/ programme, I want you to now really understand what hypnosis IS. And always within this ethical mindset of “How can this be a ‘win-win’ for both of us?” Because, to the extent that you help the unconscious mind fulfil whatever mandate is there, whatever it thinks is important in life, it will do whatever it takes to work right along with you.

The next sequence will typically be a breakdown of those very examples, so that you can begin to draw out, of each of the examples, the actual principles that you have been learning.

It’s important for you to have an understanding, both intellectually, and for you to be able to actually recognise those things when they’re happening. This is for 2 reasons. One reason is, that out there, accidental hypnosis is happening ALL the time. It’s a really good idea to learn when someone else is using very good material without even knowing about it. On the other reason, of course, your learning will be quicker when you understand what you’re doing, and you know what it is you are trying to achieve.

The next section, on each CD, will be ‘tips and tricks’ of the trade – really specific ideas, or tricks that you can apply, and to really make it work in the ‘real-life world’.

You see, it’s one thing learning information as a theory. It’s another thing entirely learning information as a practice – something you can actually do, time and time again, in the ‘real world’.

And this is where I want you to be able to use this. Which is why the next section, on every CD, is filled with exercises for your learning and comprehension. Now these exercises are actually unique. Because each of these exercises is
designed for you to actually use in a normal conversation with someone who doesn’t even know you’re doing these things.

Now some exercises I have to admit will be things that you can do to prepare yourself; to set yourself up for later conversations. But for the most part, these exercises will be about you talking to someone else, and learning to actually weave into your conversations the actual skills that you’re trying to build.

This way you can build your skill one bit at a time.

Now, at the end of this CD you’ll have some examples of what I mean by this.

And if they seem a bit complex, please, don’t worry about it. You’re on the first CD of a 12-CD set. By the end of this programme you’ll be able to re-listen to the very examples I’ll give you at the end of this CD, and you’ll understand them.

They’ll be easy and straightforward. And for some of you, they might even be a little bit too simple, which is when you realise that you’ve really learnt something worth learning.

Overview of the home study course

So, what will you actually be learning from The Academy of Hypnotherapy?

Of course, this is about Conversational Hypnosis – so the most fundamental thing is for you to learn how to induce trances in a conversation. And then, how to use that particular trance in order to achieve whatever outcome or purpose you have in mind.

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